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List/Log of last songs played

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Hi everybody,

I give you an idea for a new feature: it would be great if the program logged all the song played/skipped, giving the possibility to know the title of songs listened even hours or days after you listen them.

I use my mp3 reader driving my car, and many times I felt the need to know the title of one of the songs I listened to in the last hour, even if I couldn't look at the display during the playback.

The log should be similar to this:

June 18 2010:

Time 08.33.40: Nirvana - "Lithium"

Time 08.37.25: Take That - "Back for good" (skipped)

Time 08.38.00: Peral Jam - "Alive"

June 17 2010:


And so on.

Of course should be possible to limit log to X days before today, or to delete it etc etc.

Someone think this option can be useful?

Thanks in advance!

Hunter :D

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Mmm... but scrobbling needs connection, doesn't it?

I would really like something which doesn't need internet connection or registration to any website...

I think it would be much easier if everythink worked "inside" our favourite music player, and not outside it.

I'm not an expert in programming, but I think it should be pretty easy adding the feature I'm requesting to Poweramp (at least i hope! ;-)).

Thanks in advance, Hunter :D

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