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Bug - Playlist no longer adding duplicated tracks

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In the new v3 beta of the Poweramp, it is now failing to add to the playlists where the meta data of two audio files are the same.  I record podcasts off various sources.  Where files appear identical, Poweramp now ignores them when adding a music folder to a playlist.

Take 2 files:

“001 – Money Box Live.mp3”   Artist=BBC  Title=”Money Box “ Album=”001 Money Box” Size =32,897kb

“012 – Money Box Live.mp3”   Artist=BBC  Title=”Money Box “ Album=”012 Money Box” Size =32,892kb

Whilst all the files will be added to the playlist, the above 2 files are ignored. I assume because they have the same Artist and Track title.   They will play if selected manually but just will not add to the playlist.


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