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On 9/7/2018 at 1:04 AM, Eric Landwehr said:

is there a way to reset the MOST PLAYED counters?

The only way I found is to set music folders to a blank folder rescan then put all the music folders back and rescan...ugh

Export your player settings and clear data of Poweramp, import setings... Thank me later? Although I'm not sure why you would want to reset enhancing experience? 

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So I exported the playlist changed to a blank folder rescaned then set it back to the correct folder  rescaned then imported the playlists got the playlists names back but all empty..ugh..... 

I guess there is noway to clear the count.  Not going though this again. I have over 3000 songs that is sorted out on play lists.  This sucks..

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If you 'Clear Data' for the app as suggested above, then the counts will be erased (along with everything else in PA's database - except your actual music files of course). Re-importing playlists won't restore play-counts, nor will re-importing Settings as far as I know. File-based playlists should re-import as they were before, but in case you've made any adjustments to paths it might be an idea to check one or two of them first (they are plain text, just a long list of path/filename lines).

Have you tried using the New Playlist Manager app from the Play Store? I know that can read and write some PA database content too, so might be worth seeing if that can doing anything with playcounts.


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