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Volume reset function


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First off, thank you for an incredible music player! It's by far the best. I've been using it almost every day on my HTC Desire for about 6 months.

My suggestion/request: I use my phone both with headphones and connected to my stereo. When I connect it to the stereo I want the volume to be set to maximum. When I'm using headphones, however, I do not wan't to have the volume set to max of obvious reasons.

The auto-resume playback feature when a jack is inserted is awesome, but it doesn't recognize if I'm plugging in my stero or headphones(of course), so I have to open Poweramp and manually adjust/check the volume in fear of getting my brains blown out before I plug in my headphones. This kind of eliminates the advantage of the auto-resume feature and could be fixed with an option that let's you set a default volume level that is used every time a jack is inserted and prevents any uncomfortable accidents!

Hope this is clear and understandable, if not, please comment!

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!


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