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  • Poweramp version and build number: beta-build-793-play (Full Version)
  • Your device model: LG-H820
  • Your Android version: 6.0.1



recently my power amp was updated to this new version "beta-build-793-play (Full Version)" and with it appeared a problem when using the random option.
When I use the random option with a very large playlist this option does not seem to work. When using it with all the songs it works fine, but with the playlist it does not.

Thanks You.

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Can confirm.

I want to play the songs of a playlist in random order. I selected the option shown in the screenshot, but the the songs are played in the order of the playlist.

Also what does the last shuffle option in the screenshot mean? This seems to be the default shuffle when selected from playlist menu.


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For me it's fixed in beta-build-795-play  (full Version ) on my Huawei  P20 Pro on Android  V8 .1. 0


Playlist with random works fine, but I've got the issue when I start a queue it can only played by random order in it and after the q is finished it plays the same track I was listening before the que started.

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