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Please return hierarchy sorting


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Please return hierarchy sorting of folders, like it was in previous versions! (like a folders tree in file managers)

New displaying is very uncomfortable when it more than 10 folders. there are 407 folder in my phone and it's totaly torture to find necessary one

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I have a similar issue, I have music spanning 50 years of groups and there is a folder.jpg for each group, then in that group it is sorted by the year the album was released. I did this particularly to help when I first started using Poweramp.

Now what happens, I select a folder (The hierarchy is all screwed up b/c of the year sorting) play from that, on quitting any bluetooth device, even if Poweramp is still open and in pause mode, it will finish that song then it goes back to the very first folder and starts playing the album "A Shitload of Songs" which is chick music.

I updated the app last week and we have tried everything, we downgraded to a May version but it is still screwed up. Rescan and all sorts, it now displays the 1st song and that associated jpg, ~42000 songs each with a unique pic linked with mp3 tag (yes it took me over a year to do)

Samsung S8 Android rom and 64 Gig sd second card dedicated to music. I have enough free space on the main SD 32 Gig to take care of vids and pics.

Attached pics shows how the hierarchy is set up

Image 1.jpg

Image 2.jpg

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