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793 user interface too congested

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*Everything is pushed to the bottom 

*Seek bar is too huge

*Library, search, equalizer,.. All pushed to the bottom. Nothing is at the top. I think the previous versions were better. 


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I would agree with this. Since many menu items were hidden away by the sideswipe bars, there was "more room" for all the buttons that were overlayed on the main panel, but now that there are no swipe menus, those buttons must go somewhere and when you add the new features such as sleep timer and the visualization buttons, it all gets way too congested causing the whole app to feel small, cramped, and confusing. Even the panels for reverb and eq feel very small, cramped, messy. 

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I personally agree too (for what it's worth). For many years people have been asking for a less cluttered album-art area, and the ability to hide secondary controls (i.e. non directly playback related) when not in use, but this new interface seems to have actually gone the opposite way.

I'm not quite sure why we need so many rows of scattered buttons, and then have to put the two most regularly used elements (playback/track controls and the timeline bar) overlaid on top of each other.

As I said, personal opinion there, obviously not PA policy!


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