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Battery drain

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Just been trialling Poweramp for it's gapless feature, it's fantastic as I can now listen to my Dance CDs without the gaps as the DJ intended.

I did experience massive power drain for some reason close to 50% drain in 6 hours when phone was idle, flight mode , no wi-fi, GPS etc. :shock:

Since I'm running custom ROM (Android Revolution HD) on HTC Desire HD I thought it may have something to do with not running stock ROM.

All but eliminated any conflict with custom ROM, then found I had installed the Widget pack for Poweramp from Market somehow :oops: (I have not installed Poweramp on the SD card)

uninstalled Widget pack and it went back down to -2mA from a -56mA ~ -77mA drain on the battery when idle.

Now I can go ahead with purchasing this app before the 15 days are up. :D

Just thought I'd post this so someone else doesn't have to spend two days of detective work on a silly mistake.

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Thanks for the report.

Depending on phone model, PowerAMP will use the same amount on cpu/battery as stock player. Some features can raise this consumption (scrobbling, album art downloading), some - decrease (disabled equ or/and tone - though this is less than 1% cpu on neon devices). This comparison is true for the "standard" android formats (mp3/mp4/ogg), non standard formats can't be directly compared, and some of them are cpu hungry (e.g. APEs).

I will recheck the Widget pack, but the Widget pack implementation is half dependent on your Launcher app. It's the launcher app who requests "updated" version of widget from Widget pack service.

I would suggest checking total/per process cpu consumption with apps like OSMonitor. The apps showing mA usage just use cpu consumption multiplied by some unknown formula to get some mA value. Thus, the total and per process cpu % can give more understanding on what is actually happen on your phone and what drains the battery. Also, the stock android Settings => Abount => Battery is pretty accurate.

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