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Custom Tag displays over song text area


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Hi again,


As you can see the song text area within the player is laid out as in descending order, 'track title', 'album' and then 'folder directory'.

However I would like the ability to customize this display to display custom tags instead, just like how similarly in foobar2000 the display pane of tag fields can be user-customized; http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/ind ... opic=85639

You see, I want to be able to customize the display of the song text area in Poweramp. I know already that song info can be viewed in the 'info' screen but this is not what I mean. If Poweramp could have a 'Lyrics' feature then surely this feature idea should deserve the same attention too.

For example, If the ability existed, I could replace the text of 'folder directory' and in it's place choose a metadata tag to display instead and it would display (if it's in the file). So if the 'composer' tag was in the file of my mp3's and flac's and I set the 'composer' tag as a custom display tag, then I would want that text to display as "Composer: Blah Blah" without the quotes in that same song text area.

Same for any or all tags, they would display with the prefix of a colon ":"




Encoded by:


...... And more.

Additionally there could be more text-animation which would better visually highlight to the user the use of these tags such as:

-standard auto-scrolling text (already exists)

-flash-appear in/out

-slow blinking

-text scrolls in, stops, scrolls out again

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