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Track Order vs. Alphabetical Order for Albums

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It would be great if the music on an album could be played in the track order that it was intended by the musician, rather than in alphabetical order. It is kind of weird listening to a live album when it is all jumbled up.


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Thanks for the request.

For albums songs (in library) it's the default sorting order (track, then title). Of course if there is track # in the tags. You can tweak it further in PowerAMP settings -> Sorting -> Album/Artist Songs Sorting. You can force track # only sorting there.

For folder songs, purely file based sortings are used. I.e. PowerAMP uses numbers in the filename (in the beginning - like 01-track.mp3, or in the end, like track-01.mp3).

Though, number length should be no more then 4 digits and the number shouldn't be greater than 1000.

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