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Can you please add playlist exporting and importing option


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It is biggest problem when I change device. I have like 100 songs in playlist but after Changing to new device I have to add those songs manually.so please add exporting and importing option for playlist it helps a lot. Thanks 

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Did you try Settings > Library > Export Poweramp Playlists ?

Importing is automatic, if PA finds a playlist file in a location that it is permitted to scan then it will load it automatically during the next scan.

You might need to move the exported files later, depending on how your system is set up. They will be exported to the Playlists folder on your device's local storage, so if you don't have that location enabled for PA to scan then you might need to move the files to your SD Card for example.

There is also an app called New Playlist Manager from user @flyingdutchman that can automate this process even more and give you lots of extra management options too.


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