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Poweramp and external memory cards


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I recently purchase an Asus transformer android tablet. I have been playing with it for about 1 week. A couple days ago I decided to purchase and start playing with Poweramp because I have read in several places that it is one of the best android players in the marketplace and the stock player on the transformer does not recognize flac files. Poweramp does recogmize my flac files however only if they are in the internal built-in sd card on the tablet. I have not been able to get Poweramp to recognize any folder on the micro sd card that I put into the device. I know my transformer sees the card and will read from it because my mp3's and movies play properly. Is there a way to get Poweramp to read from the external memory card?



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PowerAMP supports any non-standard flash drives in /mnt/*, plus some additional specific paths. Asus transformer microsd and sd paths are supported in latest PowerAMP build, though songs will be visible only in Folders list. Android library (and any other android API actually), doesn't support more than one storage.


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