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Alphabet Scrolling


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Can we have 'alphabet scrolling' for library lists, folder lists, like in this example pic:


I've seen this feature PlayerPro's music player (close rival Android music app) and I was amazed. I think Poweramp would greatly benefit from this feature.

It is needed in PA for both average scrolling and fast scrolling. It should be feature than could be enabled/disabled.

Would be nice to see it in time for v2.0 release

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Here's another example of a method of using alphabet's when scrolling lists

I prefer the way it's done in PlayerPro (android app) in where you hold-drag the scrollbar and the alphabet's appear in the centre of the screen... I have seen the aphbet's appear in the 'folders' tab and 'songs' tab lists :)

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Thanks for paying attention to the feature.

I was gonna make a video and upload to demonstrate as it is a cool feature for other app developers too.

I took these two photo's to show you of it in PlayerPro;

7309173_dsc01192_1.jpg 7309174_dsc01193_1.jpg



Would be really great if you could slip this in for the v2.0 release of Poweramp. Up to you.

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For Poweramp v2.0, abcde... row to the left of lists was planned, but I will look into this as well.

The option to have BOTH types in v2.0 or (v2.xx) would be awesome.. Any update on this?

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