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SGS System playlists not showing in PA

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SGS 2.2.1

Latest purchased Poweramp

This may be me being stupid or a bug or a mix.

In one parent folder on my external card (Music) I have about a thousand songs.

These are scanned by the system, so the system library sees them all. I created a playlist with 850 of the songs in it in the system library using the standard music app. Poweramp does NOT show this playlist in ITS playlist view from the "Libary" view.

I created a different playlist in the system library using the Poweramp "Libary" view. (note NOT a folder playlist - I selected songs from the library categories, not the folder view). The standard Music app does NOT see this playlist and every time the system does a media scan (e.g. on disconnect of the USB cable after file transfer), this playlist turns up empty in Poweramp.

One thing I may have wrong - that folder is also set as (the sole) scan folder for Poweramp.

This is a bit frustrating to say the least.

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