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2 questions about lyrics

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Hi everyobody users of the best mp3 player on Android! :D

2 questions:

1) There is a way to avoid visualizatione of "new lines" in a lyric as a "small square"? I guess it's an issue related to fonts or characters map... but it's really annoying seeing this "small squares" at the end of each lyric line...

2) Will ever be possible to add a "lyrics-dedicated" visualization, possibly a full-screen one, with a larger font?

Thanks in advance,

Hunter :)

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1. what exactly lines do you mean? If it is on end of each line, it can be some weird end of line character or something - I can tell for sure if you can send me example file for tests (to poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com)

2. PowerAMP is going to have improved lyrics support (lrc, licensed search and download), thus extended view/dialog for lyrics is possible.


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