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Bought the unlocker, cannot download it

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I just bought the unlocker for my HTC Inredible S via Android market. Initially it was stuck in the verification phase before downloading which I had to interrupt after 10 minutes or so. Now it wont download the unlocker even though it's listed as "bought" in market. There are buttons that say "bought" and "credit" (I get comment that my purchase cannot be credited back if I try that), when I click "bought" it takes me to the screen that tells this app needs no special access rights. Clicking "ok" from there gives the temporary popup text saying "target is being loaded" but nothing ever downloads.

I've emptied the market app's cache, restarted Poweramp doezends of times and rebooted my phone. It will not get loaded.

What's wrong and why over complicate things with unlockers and such?

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"Authorizing" or "Downloading" for a long time can mean your card wasn't accepted by Google - please check emails from Google Checkout with

details on the order. Please follow the links in Google Checkout email sent to your phone google account to resolve card issue

or login to http://checkout.google.com.

Also due to the recent Market update, it seems to take a bit more time for "Authorizing" for some users - hours instead of 1-2 minutes,

you can try to download purchased app later.


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Thanks for your reply. It actually eventually authorized itself but not before I refunded the purchase once, rebought it, booted and cleared the cache few times. I just gave up then but few hours later I heard a sound and it was installed! Verification emails came hours later in both cases.

Perhaps some server was down or something but now it works so all is well! :)

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