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Bluetooth On/Off - Instead of Exit

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I'm using Poweramp for my music and Doggcatcher for my podcasts and both products work well for what they do and keep me company for the 6 hours a day that I spend in my car.

My one complaint though is that they don't play nicely with each other with my Motorola T505 hands-free bluetooth unit.

Once I start Poweramp it stays resident on the phone (No - even though an "exit" option would be nice I've already read the answer to that). If I then start DoggCatcher and press the "pause" button on my Bluetooth unit, PowerAmpt treats it as a request to start playing again even though I wanted DoggCatcher to pick up the request. DoggCatcher has an "exit" option which keeps it from interfering when I just want music so going from podcasts to music works fine. It's the other way around that's the problem.

What I'd like to suggest is some "master setting" switch that turns on/off Poweramp's listening for Bluetooth to give the other app a chance to be controlled. Ideally a big enough button so my fat fingers can hit it without diving through all sorts of menu options. In a perfect world, Poweramp would "know" that there's a Bluetooth device connected and ask upon startup - or when the interface is re-activated if I wanted to connect or not to make it convenient to turn on.

For me, this gets around the whole "exit" question - not that I wouldn't like that too - but I've read the answers on that ... .

Thanks for a great product.


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