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An optional way of going backward down the list hierarchy

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First of all I must say I'm very much impressed by Poweramp, especially its equalizer. It's the first player that makes my android phone a worthy music player !

To the point: I love the fact that in the 'now playing' screen I can click on the table with the song title and progess bar in order to go back to the list of the current album.

However, when I click on the up-arrow located in the top right-hand corner of the screen, it takes me to the general albums list, not the albums of the artist I was listening to. I think that it would be more logical this way:

I'm listening to a song of artist X - click - Reviewing the album I am listening to - click - Reviewing albums of artist X

That way it will be easier to navigate among albums of the same artist. As for now, the quickest way to select a different album of the artist I'm listening to at a given moment is to click the menu button, click "folders/lib", select "artists", find the desired artist and only then see the albums I wanted.

What do you think? Of course, if someone prefers to use it the way it is now, this could be made optional in the settings


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Oh...I didn't notice this, as I'm sure others haven't, but what you mentioned does make more sense. What I did was go to Artist, albums of artist, pick a track to start. Then I click back and it shows me the tracks off of the *current* album with "Albums" being listed at the top. Click on the arrow, and you get dumped to the total albums list, with the current album in the middle of the screen. Interesting "bug," unless it was designed to do this.

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