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Folder scan - option for timed scan & select CIFS subfolder

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Hi - excellent app :D

A couple of requests / comments

I use it on my tablet (Advent Vega) and access all my media via CIFS on my NAS box. Being NAS, it takes quite a while to rescan the CIFS folder and although my music collection doesn't change that often, I'd like to have a timed scan automatically once a week. I can force a re-scan but this means a delay before using the app so I'd like the option to have Poweramp initiate a background scan at a specified time (e.g. Friday 10am)

Second request is about CIFS. I create my mount point using CIFSManager and it currently maps my mount point to the root of my NAS as that is all it is able to do. As a result, when I scan the folder, it scans ALL the folders on NAS (\\openshare\*) rather that just the folder where I have my music (\\openshare\Music\*). Is it possible to select a subfolder in Poweramp ? [MortPlayer has this capability but isn't as good in other areas]

Thanks in advance.

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