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Feature request: Crossefade (Fade out, NOT fade in)

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LOVE the player! :)

I really like the new crossfade feature, but I can't help thinking that if you make it optional for it to automatically does now (with the cut our of silence at the end of tracks) and then start the next song on top of the end of the previous one WITHOUT it fading in, it will give the radio-ish feel. I miss the beginning on every song the way it works now. Not cool. If you only fade out, and start the next song full blast over the ending, then it will sound much more right to the ears. :)

Hope this is possible. I really appreciate the work you're doing, and it is great to see how thriving this forum is.



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I completely agree. This is the best music player app out there. I have tried enough of them. I like the crossfade feature, but the player takes it literally (crossfade = fade out the playing song, fade in the new song). This can stay for those users who prefer this method. I would like (prefer) to see an option to overlap/mix as Kingkeld mentioned. Fade out but begin the new song at its full volume.

Ideally, use silence detection, or a look-ahead buffer, during this process rather than a set "ms" amount so that if a song ends without a natural fade-out, wait for the end of the playing song before starting the next track. If the current track fades naturally, overlap it with the start of the next track. With that, IMHO, the app would be priceless.

However, with its current list of features, it is still the best. :D



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Kingkeld, I just read your post regarding the fade-in issue, and I found a setting that eliminates it while at the same time retaining the fade-out feature. Go to the Poweramp "Settings", them scroll pretty far down to "Auto-Advance and Queue". Then select "Start Playing Queue", and finally select "Immediately". Success at last for the true music buffs!!!! Regards.

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Kingkeld, I made this adjustment and it really seems to solve the fade-In issue. Access the Poweramp "Settings, scroll down to "Auto-Advance and Queue", scroll down to "Start Playing Queue" and select "Immediately". It's enough of an immediate play of the next song in the queue to make a difference for us music buffs. I do notice that about one out of 10 songs, even with this adjustment, have still slightly lower initial volume and some fade-in, but I can live with that ratio until Max eliminates the fade-in all together. I hope this helps!



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Hi mikeb1028 and NoSpinHere,

I'm eagerly waiting for this feature, too. But I can't find the "Auto-Advance and Queue" settings you've described in my Poweramp. My settings menu reads:

  • Look and Feel
  • Album Art
  • Audio
    - Fade, Crossfade, and Gapless
    -- Auto-advance Fading
    -- Manual Track Change Fading [bTW: Whats the difference between these both?]
    -- Crossfade Length
    -- Fade play/pause/stop
    -- Fade on seek
    -- Cut Silence
    - Replay Gain (RG)
    -- ...
    - Audio Focus
    -- ...
    - Advanced Tweaks
    -- ...
  • Folders and Library
  • Headset
  • Lock Screen
  • Misc
  • About

Do you have a different version? What do I have to do? Regrettably the overlap function is only full crossfading and the fade-in and fade-out parameters are not configurable.

Thank you very much and all the best for 2013.


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