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Two questions - Library sort and equalizer

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When using the library view, and going to Artists => => All artist songs, I can't find an option to sort the tracks by song title. Right now, I'm getting the tracks sorted by album name, then by song title. I suppose there must be an option somewhere to use the song title alone but I'm unable to find it, or is it missing? ;)

Another question, just to avoid a different topic... Is there a way to import my EQ settings into (desktop) winamp (using an EQF file)? I suppose you can get similar results in both apps when using the winamp Constant-Q EQ with ISO bands.

I'd like to say congrats for the app BTW, the sound is truly awesome! :)

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"All songs" in Artist uses ALBUM + user selected sorting in PowerAMP Settings => Sortings. I.e. they always first sorted by album. Actually, as PowerAMP has Artist => Albums sorting now, it can be just a user selected sorting, but for now it's album + user sorting.

Re: preset - no, unfortunately there is no any way to import such files currently.

Thanks for the feedback!

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