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Poweramp Lockscreen Vs 3rd Party Lockscreens.. help? :(

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One thing that I've grown to hate about Sense UI is they INSIST to throw a static wallpaper for my lockscreen when, in reality... I WANT MY LIVE WALLPAPER TO SHOW!!

Which is one of the great things about Poweramp, the music lockscreen shows off my livewallpaper - thank you good folks for this! :D

However Poweramp is only doing this when music is playing. When it isn't playing I'm back to Sense UI crap. Recently I deleted Sense lock screen but it forces me into a situation just as annoying with stock lock screen only showing the last app I was using & not my livewallpaper. Thus I'm forced to use a random lockscreen app which would display my live wallpaper, woo hoo! :D

Unfortunately, when I have music playing... lockscreen app won't display my Poweramp lockscreen. And since I use Poweramp's lockscreen religiously while driving, having to go through one lockscreen to get to another for music playing can be a bit too distracting & annoying when all i want to do is tap the fast forward button to a random song. Thus my inquiry on two things:

1) Future plans for an option to make the Poweramp music lockscreen as a stand alone lockscreen even when music isn't playing (pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!! I NEED THIS!!!!)

2) or at the very least suggestions of a lock screen app that plays nicely with Poweramp lockscreen when music is playing

3) even if there's a #2... please consider #1 which I imagine would be a relatively easy to implement option for some folks like me


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haha, joking - as if any player from powerplayer or winamp could touch this gem. But yea, Found that widget locker can not only play nicely with the Poweramp lockscreen, but it can also allow for the Poweramp transparent lockscreen widget to be used. Life is great :D

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