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Multi Select songs/albums/folders for playlists


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I like to create playlists by Genre.

If I want to create an aLT playlist I need to go into either folders or artist and long-press on each one and add to playlist.

If you added the function to enable multi-select I could check off all the ones I want, and click add to playlist once.

This would speed things up tremendously and not make having to recreate my playlist such a chore.

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+1 for multi select option when editing playlists.

I often make subtle changes to my playlists on a daily basis based on my current mood at the time. This usually involves the removal of 1 or two mixes/albums. However, because i have to individually select each song from the mixes/albums in order to delete them, I end up just creating an entire new playlist which pretty much duplicates the previous one.

It would be nice if i could simply go down the list and select the tracks i wish to remove and then click the drop-down arrow and select something such as "delete all selected files from playlist?"

I'm actually quite suprised that this is not already implemented.

As mentioned above, it would be great if you could somehow do this vice versa as well in an advanced mode.

e.g. Instead of going into one album, selecting a few songs, adding to the playlist and then backing out to go into another folder/album for more songs. It would be nice if you could just multi-select throughout your folders/library, then select something like "add all selected files from folders to playlist".

Multi select is a must.


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