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Audio clipping popping and distortion

filthy animal

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Have been using Poweramp since it was introduced and have loved it. Updated to the Beta yesterday via Google Play  and have one minor and one major issue. I find the new interface too cluttered for my tastes. The overlay of the player over the scrolling visualization is unnecessary. I can generally deal with most changes in layout but I am one of those who have never enabled the visualizations and find them unnecessary if not annoying, so please don't inflict them on me.....scrolling or not and certainly not as background. That's the minor issue. The major issue is since the update yesterday, I am overwhelmed with clicking, popping, and clipping on songs that have never done this until today. They don't do it on other players or on my computer. The files are fine. Something in the player is making them sound like distorted and they are clipping on my Galaxy S7.  If this doesn't get resolved PDQ, I am on my way to a new player. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SOUND!!!!!  

Can I ditch the beta and get back to a listenable stable version?

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