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They cut off the album art.


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Some part of the album art are cut off. And i don't think i like it.


1. This is the actual size of the album art



2. This is what how they show the album art, we can clearly see the top and the bottom part of the album art are cut off.


Hopefully it can be fix, thanks @maxmp i love the app btw.

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I don't even think black bars are necessary.  In previous versions it was transparent.  As far as I can tell (or rather -- recall at the moment), only artwork where height is greater than width still suffers from this issue.  Perhaps this is already on @maxmp's list of bugs being diligently polished?  If not, I'm also in the group that would love to see it improved.

I run into this most often on live recordings where the artwork is from the poster sold at the show.  The posters are almost always taller than they are wide.

(I should also note that it's one of the only minor issues I've got.  I've been running v3 since the alpha days and it's been pretty solid.  I'm happy to see the regular updates polishing what must be a long list of smaller and smaller issues.)

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