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first to say: Poweramp is great for Android and I use the paid version.

I have question about Resampler/Dithering. I highly appreciate this possibility with SoX since unfortunately Android now is limited to 16/48 output (i do not use external DAC with my phone).

I have some files in 16/44.1 format and some files in 16/48 format (I use offline resampling beforehand for some tracks and some files I have in 48 kHz format native sample rate).

I assume that Resampler only kicks in if the input file has different sample rate than 48000 Hz, if I play back 48000 Hz files it will do "nothing" and pass the stream to the DAC. That is correct behaviour.

But what about dither? If I enable dither, will it dither only when resampling (e.g. from 44100), or maybe also when the source is 24 bit (regardless of sample rate),  that would be great and correct behaviour (even the first possibility based on sample rate different than system rate of 48000 Hz would be sufficient and actually is more important for me). Or if I play back 16/48 file, will it dither "again" - that would be worse, because in that case I must probably disable dither so that my 16/48 files are not dithered "twice"?

Thank you for information.





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