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Few suggestions/bugs


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Few things I wanted to add. I have my music on a SD card which I make separate organized folders for genres/albums etc..(Folder Hierarchy) instead of using playlists for accessing my music. This type of organizing is really the most important feature for me in a music app as to the amount of music I have that Poweramp has made possible compared to other players.

1. When I organize folders to view songs, I like to organize by date added (most recent). I find it always resets and I have to reorganize again. Can this be a permanent option once applied and not reset its self. 

2. Can the normal folders organize view menu also have a folder hierarchy option like the old Poweramp?

3. For track seek. Can the holding forward button or back still apply as well with the new fine tuning seek.

4. When searching, in the old version if I wanted quick delete a whole word,I click the X on the right. When I hit the X now, nothing happends. 

Thank you,

Beta build 793 

Samsung Galaxy S8 --> SM-G950W

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