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v793 - Media Controls Not Working

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I just got the 793 build as an update in Google Play. First I would like to say thank you for all your hard work. I really like the new version and it sounds great as always. I just have one small, but significant to me as I use this function all of the time. With that I know I am just one person and I understand if it is just too much work for such an edge case.

In my car I use AppRadio Rootless Unchained to mirror my phone onto my head unit. Since releasing the rootless version of that app, released some time ago, the next/previous track controls from the head unit, ie steering wheel controls, can only be injected as media keys. It is a limitation of the rootless app. This is from that dev:

The only thing that can be done for the SWCs is to inject media keys. However this works only with some apps. This is a limitation of not having root that makes it impossible to inject keys globally.
In the previous version of Poweramp those controls worked great. In fact that was one of the many things I like about Poweramp as most other music players did not work. Well, since 793 they no longer work. Has anyone else seen this? I know it is kind of a uncommon setup but it did work before. 
I really do appreciate all of the hard work you have done Max. I love the new app aside from this small, but extensively used by me, issue. If that function is in fact missing now and not something I am missing, then would it be possible to add it back. 
PS: I purchased the full version a few years ago. I would like to donate again since I consider this a new version that you have put a lot of work into. Can you point me to where I can donate since I already purchased?

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