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Search not working.

Vardhan Suthar

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I tried the search feature and couldn't find 1 of the songs in my collection by it's title.

What I did to get it working was to press the search icon, key in a song title, pressed list options and select "all songs" option and it worked.

I am guessing that the defaults only search through albums, artist names etc, hence searching by title didn't list the song that I was looking for.

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56 minutes ago, clever_man said:

@Vardhan Suthar, it's weird. Provide complete informartion about your device.

I've Oneplus 2 mobile.

Today I found new that is, Search is for only folders not for tracks.

When you search a song it's not showing, but when search for folder like my song in Downloads directory then I've to search for Downloads and it's showing me my Downloads Folder.

So, I think this search function now works for Folders in future they'll modify it.

Edit :-

@Imperfection reply solved it I've to select all songs in menu, But this "X" button of search close is not wotking.

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