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Issue with music not resumeing on pause

Laughing Man

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Not sure if this is a known issue or not but here it goes.

Just recently updated to a phone with android 8.0 (s9+) and noticed the following issue on both official and test builds(using last test build update from today currently).

If I am playing music via bluetooth and pause the music via my headset and do something for let's say 10min and try to un-pause via my headset music won't resume. Phone is still showing im connected and if I press play via the app it will work.

The only way music will resume to play via my bluetooth headset is if I power down and disconnect my Bluetooth headset and power it back on and reconnect.

Note if I pause for a short amount of time (1min) it works fine.I tested several Bluetooth headsets with the same result. I did clean installs and tested both the test builds and official build and have the same result

I tested on my old device running 7.0 and don't have that issue. I made sure in batter management the app was set to unmonitored.

I know the app stays in memory since I don't use my music most of the day and when I re-connect 8 hours later music starts playing right away on bluetooth reconnect

Any ideas?

I attached a small video showing my settings and info

Video of Phone and App settings


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