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Support for Album Artist ID3 tag


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I wanted to request a basic Album Artist ID3 tag support for library view. Currently Poweramp displays "Unknown Artist" for an album that:

  • has multiple artists on one album (like featurings),
  • has an empty Artist field for tracks made by the Album Artist.

Most, if not all other players are displaying the Album Artist field over the Artist field in this case. The erroneous behaviour can be replicated in v2 and throughout all public v3 builds. I've attached an example on the screenshots below.


Poweramp screenshot

ID3 tags for one of the tracks


Thanks for your consideration and time! It's a very important feature to have as my whole library operates on this scheme and every other player on every other platform (let it be Android, iOS, PC, Mac or Linux) I'm using is supporting it correctly.

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Yeah this is driving me nuts. In the old v2 you could do some cool advance organizing using this feature. The problem is its displaying the "artist" tag over "album artist". Since you have nothing in the artist field you see unknown artist.

I liked to use "album artist" to group singers that had solo projects or had multiple bands. For example I would have three different albums:

"artist: Chris Cornell" / "album artist: Soundgarden"

"artist: Chris Cornell" / " album artist: Chris Cornell"

"artist: Chris Cornell" / "album artist: Audioslave"

This would result in all three albums showing under the artist Chris Cornell, but in the list view you would see three different names next to the album title instead of Chris Cornell for all three. It was great for grouping albums by the same singer with different projects. In V3 they all group together but you don't see the correct album artist tag. I can't tell which albums are which project now. 


Pleeeease fix this.

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