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Poweramp beta build-792


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9 minutes ago, Wolfpig said:

To be correct.....he only wrote that it will be probably tonight, not that for sure a new version be released tonight.


But for some reason a lot of people erase some words out of their mind if they read stuff....

I was just poking fun. I'm not having any issues with 793. And yes I saw "probably", which it's still 3 days later. Now had he said "maybe", that would have meant less likely than "probably".

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I do not think the delay in updating the update is good. Perhaps the developers have decided to add some features to the new version that can be good news, which is a feature that developers are working hard on the 795 version and are less likely to visit the site, and I think Tomorrow is a good day. I hope it's coming soon. I hope it's coming tomorrow. It's not clear. Version 792 was available in the morning. The new version will probably be available as soon as the tests are finished and possible issues are resolved.

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My humble opinion is that Poweramp v3 now has so many features (bad or god), that it is impossible to get everything right at the moment.

One thing that has my interest is the Settings->Audio->Output where there are numerous settings, but none that fulfill my requirements. E.g. my HTC 10 forces sampling to 48 kHz/24 bit, despite the source is 44.1 kHz/16 bit. If I use Hi-Res Output, and set sampling to 88 kHz for a (maybe) minor improvement in upsampling the standard 44.1 kHz format, Poweramp anyway forces downsampling a 96 kHz format to 88 kHz.

Also equalizing lacks several features, where it seems like the focus is on having HiRes outputs where most audio files are ‘faked’ HiRes formats (this can be documented)

Interesting to see V3 will focus on user interface, audio quality or themes.

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1 hour ago, MortTheBeast said:

I was just poking fun. I'm not having any issues with 793. And yes I saw "probably", which it's still 3 days later. Now had he said "maybe", that would have meant less likely than "probably".

It's just unpredictable. You can't predict what device (even from limited pool of couple of hundred) will fail for given build and how much it will take to fix that for that device (this time it was widgets, still not ideally polished).

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1 hour ago, angel060490 said:

I miss the option to go directly to the album of the song I listen to.


From the player screen, tap the three dots over the album art, then tap 'Album'


Edit: You can actually just tap the album art.

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On 8/10/2018 at 8:57 AM, maxmp said:



This Beta is feature complete release. Few things are missing though, like incomplete translations

Changes (from Beta-preview):
• all Library categories, including all the actions
• Dark Skin + per skin options - Pro Buttons, Static Wave Seekbar
• Poweramp can be shown on lockscreen (vs separate lockscreen UI previously)
• support for multiple item selection / actions in all categories, including Search
• new per-artist selectable and downloadable images
• new Low Rated category
• Folders Hierarchy (and many others) category can be enabled via Library menu => List Options
• removed ringtone action / removed per-song equalizer preset assignment
• per-output assigned presets now applied on output change and Poweramp start (previously were applied on each track change as well)
• improved headset button handling for Android 8.0+
• dynamic playlists (e.g. Recently Played, Top Rated, etc.) now can have more than 200 items as in v2
• Lenovo X3 ESS DAC 24bit support
• OpenSL HD Output renamed to OpenSL Hi-Res Output
• settings were reorganized slightly
• landscape layouts added

device-2018-08-10-063828.jpg device-2018-08-10-063936.jpg

device-2018-08-10-064003.jpg device-2018-08-10-064047.jpg

device-2018-08-10-064226.jpg device-2018-08-10-064419.jpg

device-2018-08-10-064454.jpg device-2018-08-10-064709.jpg

Hi Power Team, firstly wanna thank you for this seamless player and the latest beta verions with the drastic ui changes its super cool.... But one thing i'd like to highlight that im running this app on my nokia 6 ta - 1021 oreo 8.1 . I noticed there's a bug, sometimes the tempo changes to super low and it sounds weirdo. Dont know whether this problem is faced by me alone or is this a genuine bug that needs to be fixed? Please need help 

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По сравнению с прошлым билдом было добавлено почти все недостающие функции и стало почти идеально, однако настройки условий перехода в очередь и отображение проигрываемого трека в списке, как в официальной версии, все ещё не хватает.

Google Translation:
In comparison with the previous build, almost all missing functions were added and it became almost perfect, however, setting the conditions for transition to the queue and displaying the played track on the list, as in the official version, is still not enough.

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In the latest beta after coming back to the pausing, the playlist reverts to the previous playlist instead of the one you were listening to. This happens with playlists and search results. Example scenario: I search for Michael Jackson and then use the play button at the top to filter to his songs then at some point I stop listening to music. Later I search for Eminem and filter to him and listen. If I pause the music and leave the app, then come back to it then the filtered list will revert back to Michael Jackson instead of Eminem

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I have been using Poweramp for more than 5 yrs now and have been a fan. But in the new update there have been a lot of issues but the major issue i faced was PER SONG EQUALIZER PRESET. Not all the songs can have same preset and especially when one have great speakers its bit annoying during a party or while driving, we have to change the preset to make it sound better. Can we get that setting back please? Its very very important to have that song preset setting. All the other players have equalizers too and a few of them have those detailed ones but tgis one setting of Poweramp was making it stand out from other equalizers why to ruin that most important stand out thing. 

The other thing I have problem with is the place equalizer is placed at. In the previous version we could easily slide it from the right and change the preset. But now there is a small key placed on the screen then we have to hit that preset button again which is again vwry small and then we can select the setting we want. Can we make it more easiky accessible like the previous version...please ?

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