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Poweramp beta build-792


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Really glad to see the list features more fully implemented, it's what kept me from using the previous beta as a daily driver. I'll be testing this one out for a bit :)

One thing I noticed though after my first few minutes of poking around is this: nice feature of being able to auto-download artist images or just use an album cover, I like that. What I don't like is that some images downloaded didn't make sense (I know this VERY, VERY, VERY likely cannot be fixed, that's not the issue), and for that reason I wanted to turn that feature off again. Now however I'm stuck with these album artist images, or no nothing. What I'd like is prehaps a feature to remove the album artist image cache or something, seperately from the ALBUM image cache. Either that or perhaps the option to go back to using an album cover. Just really some way to go back to the original setting, without having to re-find/redownload the album cover images.

The new UI, and more specifically getting around in it, is going to take some getting used to, but it feels rather intuitive, so that's a plus! Maybe another list variant could be just text and no images at all, as a way to maximize how many things you can view without it being in a grid?

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So while having sorted out the hierarchy issue (couple of reboots), the UI scaling is as expected pretty poor.
As you can see in the attached picture there are no controls shown if used in split-screen mode. 

I guess I'll have to donwgrade to the last version if I want to keep using Poweramp as my daily music player app. 



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16 hours ago, maxmp said:

Yes, but nowadays it's not easy to quickly release to Play even on beta channel as it rejects builds, so it takes a bit more time to get APK there.

Hey Max, when you get a chance, can you fix volume control?  DVC HAS to be enabled because of the sound quality.

When DVC is enabled, volume controls do not work. It just adjust the sound of ring, alarms and notification. 





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9 hours ago, fichl said:

Hi Max, just tried 793 on my htc one m9 running android 7.

open sl hd isnt available anymore and the hi - res fails to activate.
reverted back to 790 with open sl hd working, cause thats the best sound that ever came to my m9 :)
even viper4android ist working in combination with it, which doesnt work wit hi res audio.

(PS i read open sl hd was renamed but its just gone on 793...)

Cheers & thanks for the best audio player on android.

V4A will fail since it downsamples audio

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7 hours ago, 7OH said:


With DVC I cannot change volume of player (EMUI 8, Android 8.0).

It's current ROM trouble or it's general behavoir of new version of Android?

It's the app, not ROM. I'm using stock LG v20 and have the same problem. Disable DVC works, but you lose audio quality.

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Макс, ты чёртов гений! Жжешь, парень! Огромнейшее спасибо!

Из фидбэка – помимо эмоцийпанелька с возвратом к текущему треку периодически показывает совершенно не то, что сейчас воспроизводится. Вернуться получается, кнопкой "назад".

S7 (не Edge), тот, что на Exynos-е. Прошивка последняя на данный момент оф. орео.

Poweramp жжёт пламенем самой преисподней!

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Ok so one major issue I have (device - Samsung Galaxy S8, latest version of Oreo) is that audio skips a lot via Bluetooth, which was not there in the old beta version.

It's a bit more stable with AudioTrack compared to OpenSL ES - any ideas why? What would I adjust the buffers to in order to improve stability? (e.g. Buffer ms, Number of buffers; the default is 60ms and 2 respectively)

Finally, OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output is available, but the volume is much, much quiter when I change to this mode, and I have to go to max volume with the device to compensate. Any ideas?

Thanks... love the UI otherwise.

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2 hours ago, utahman1971 said:

Works fine for me on my s7 edge. People can keep blaming the app but really it is either your ROM you are using or the device not working with it.

It worked on older builds.

I had it working on this build last night, earlier today it stopped working for some reason.

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17 hours ago, Sen Pro said:

I don't happy with this new test version, the app sounds great no change ever made in the sound but I have some questions.

1. Where's the option for hide the notifications bar.

2. The "text in black box" don't look great in album art and in the main screen, also the text is too big, can you put a "text with shadows" or simply put the text below the album art.

3. I don't see the "like" icon in tracks (in the previous version the 5 star shows in songs tracks)

 4. The list view is too big even in small option, find a song takes a long time with this view.

4. The "menu bar" and the "visualization menu" don't look great, can you put this menus in a 3 dots icon in somewhere in the screen. (Is very annoying see this menus in the main screen)


5. The "rounded" album art looks great in the main screen but looks awful in the album view and in the songs tracks.

6. The change album swipe up or down in the main screen don't work anymore? This function works great with the "Pro buttons" in off.

7. Sorry for my poor and bad English.

+ I completely agree with you

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