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It appears that the new release of Poweramp is getting nearer.

As I use the current api extensively in my app, New Playlist Manager, I have some questions regarding the API

- Will a new API be released at the same time?

- If not, will the existing API be compatible

- will there be any database changes

- will there be additional functionality. I am particularly interested in inserting into Poweramp playlists. At the moment you can create, edit, delete playlist and playlist entries but not insert new entries. Max did promise this functionality a long time ago.

I appreciate any details in advance

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After the recent release, the answer to whether there will be any changes is yes. My app is no longer able to list playlists. Lots of other functionality will most likely also not work.

I notice that Ratings have gone and has been replaced by stupid like/unlike. Surely a very unpopular choice as most Poweramp users use the rating functionality.

I suspect lots of Tasker implementations will also no longer work.

In the coming days I will have a look at the underlying database and assess the impact.


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Discovered so far:

- folder_playlists is now called playlists

- folder_playlist_entries is now called playlist_entries

- folder_playlists.name renamed to playlists.playlist

Also noted that the Rating field still exists, the new Like simply puts a 1 there.

I am puzzled why the rating widget has been replaced by the imho silly Like. It is very easy to reinstate the original star rating or offer a choice. Poweramp has options for all sorts so why not add this.

Inserting into Poweramp Playlists still not possible.


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