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Distorted Sound


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This is the second time I have posted. I don't know who took down the post from yesterday, but I am registered and got no answer. I downloaded the most recent update and now the sound is all fuzzy on my music and podcasts. This does not matter what music or podcasts I listen to. Also is fuzzy with and without headset and bluetooth. I tried using the stock music player that came with my TB and it works fine. No fuzzy sounds. What gives and how can I fix this ? I tried resetting the equalizer and it did not help.


Rick B.

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Yikes. I guess little adjustements to the equalizer built up over a period of time. I followed your suggestion, then reenabled the tone and all sounds really good again. Thanks for your help and thanks again, too, for the best music player out there for Android. I came from an ipod touch and was horrified at the music players in android until I found this one. It is so great to enjoy my music again !!



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