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Any existing Poweramp alternatives?


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Let me clarify first, I undestand this topic maybe borderline with forum's rules. I think Poweramp is still the best music player around, but as most of the users here, i feel frustrated by the lagging development of Poweramp. Therefore I feel Max needs some motivation and maybe a "mirror" to show him what the current competitors are offering. I hope in case he'll see there is real threat for his userbase he'll start real development and bring as a final v3.

So here's the question: what music player app do you think is on par with Poweramp in terms of features and usability?

For me, when choosing a music player the following features are essential:

- opus playback (with .opus extension) - surprisingly rare, given and Android supports opus format natively since Lollipop

- continous playback, e.g. when finishing current playlist/folder auto-advance to the next

- album sorting by release year

- Replaygain support

- Audioscrobbling support

- Album cover download

Sadly, even Poweramp stopped to support some of those features (album view entirely missing from 790, scrobbling buggy in all v3 previews). So far the most capable competitor i found was Neutron player, which looks like a DOS application from the '90s (anybody remember Cubic Player?) . All other apps I have tried lacked some essential features, mostly .opus playback and Replaygain.

What is your take on this?

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Remember that beta 790 is not feature-complete, it is more of a user-interface test platform. Album View is available in it, but most of the other missing library features will return soon in the next release. 709 has everything complete, but with the older interface style (although I agree scrobbling can be patchy, I doubt Max has paid much attention to it with all of the other more important stuff that needs doing though).


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