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Just wondering, would voice control be cool? Something like play Rancid's song "Salvation". Of course we would have to choose from the catalog on our phone but still would be awesome idea especially for those of us trying to stay hands free, use with bluetooth device.

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Poweramp 814 - Moto X4 - Official Android Pie - Google Play Music disabled

When I try voice control like "Hey google - play song 96 tears" the phone correctly identifies the Artist and starts Poweramp, but the song doesn't play. Poweramp opens in the last state it was in and just sits there. Are there plans to have Poweramp respond to voice commands like;

Play song <song title>

Play Album <album title>

Play Artist <artist name>

Add <song | album | artist | playlist | genre> to queue (with random option for selection that will have multiple songs)

Skip current song

Pause | Resume

Clear Queue

This would make Poweramp the "premiere" app to use in the car.

This request is with a big PLEASE!

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