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Importing 5-star songs into new phone


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I've recently upgraded my Galaxy Note 3 to OnePlus 6. I had almost 400 5-stars rated songs both on my external SD card and internal phone memory. As you probably know, most new phones doesn't allow external SD card, so my question is - is there a way to save any information about rating (or just playlist of all my rated songs) and use it on new phone? I've got like 3k songs total, so finding a correct ones and rating them all over again will be pure pain to do manualy.

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Exporting and importing your Poweramp Ratings

It is very easy to back up your Poweramp ratings. Simply select the "Export Poweramp Ratings" option.


This will create a text file named as poweramp_ratings.txt in the default folder playlist_manager with all the necessary details.

The import procedure is started by selecting the "Import Poweramp Ratings" option.

Why is this useful?
Poweramp has no functionality to export the ratings settings. If you were to move to a new phone for instance, it is certain that you will lose all your ratings and would have to start again.

How does it work?
Step 1. 
Export the ratings using the menu option. This will create a new file called poweramp_ratings.txt in a folder called playlist_manager.

Step 2.
On your new device, let New Playlist Manager create the folder playlist_manager. You can do this by exporting any playlist as an m3u playlist. This process will create the folder if it does not already exists.

Step 3. 
Copy the file poweramp_ratings.txt file created under Step1 to your new device and place it in the playlist_manager folder of the new device.

Step 4.
Copy all your music from the old device to the new one. Where you place these is not really important. Make sure Poweramp and Android have finished their media scanning.

Step 5.
Finally "Import Poweramp ratings" to complete the process. Your ratings will now be back!! 


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