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Stops after 1 minute of playback

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1 hour ago, Jskakkat said:

I don't know maybe it's bcoz of Android 9 ?

Very likely. As you don't seem to be averse to early pre-release testing, why not give PA v3 build 709 a try and see if that is better? V2 and build 588 are going to become a legacy product for pre-Lollipop devices.


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I tried V3 before and I didn't get new UI and beta version doesn't support themes that's the reason I revert back to V2 anyway I'll give a try V3 as u mentioned let's see if it's fix the issue then it's better than looking for themes. Thank you so much for the reply and suggestions.

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I'm facing same issue on Oreo Infinix device note 4 to be precise power arm stops after 1mins of play back when ever my screen is asleep I've put the app on optimizing white list still the same thing.... Orea doesn't recognize power arm v2 as music player, though v3 is recognized as music player but still crashes after 1min of playback. Please fix because I love this app so much


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