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Broken compatibility with car bluetooth head unit


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When updating my phone (OnePlus3) to Android 8.0, and then to Poweramp V3, he compatibility went from "literally perfect" to "basically nothing works". The situation in this beta (790) got even worse compared to the previous Alpha version.

Basically, my car supports full ID3 tag display, seekbar with time, fast forwarding and rewind, toggling of shuffle and repeat, and of course play pause and skipping back and forth. I'm pretty sure it also supports browsing the music library but I've never seen it work on Android (I've seen it work on some iPhones).

On Android 7 on both the alpha and the regular version everything was just perfect, I could even triple click the fast forward or rewind button to go to the next album or playlist, it was the best thing ever.

On Android 8 on alpha only the audio streaming works but nothing else, there is no display of seekbar and ID3 info, buttons don't work except for play/pause, and there are major skips in the sound. 

Since this is a mandatory feature for me, if you need a beta tester to check out BT compatibility I can volounteer to test builds with possible fixes for the bluetooth modules. I do not have this issue with other player, besides, on Android 7 it worked just perfectly with the stable and the Beta 704.

My car is the Toyota Aygo  2015 which uses the same system as the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 2015. 

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