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Many Tracks on playback goes Slowly Alpha709


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Hi Guys,

i have a big Bug in many Alpha Versions, when i play titles, after few seconds the Tracks goes Slow. On Poweramp V2 this bug have i not.

Even when I had tested the Alpha 1 2 years ago, I had the problem synonymous, but I was strangely unable to create an account here

If I change the buffer or output to OpenSL ES, AudioTrack, or Hi-Res, the problem still remains

I have tested on:

Galaxy Note 8 N950F Exynos 8895 7.1.1 rooted samsung based Firmware with Viper4android

Galaxy Note 4 N910F Quallcom Snapdragon 805 6.0.1 rooted Samsung based Firmware with viper4android

What ca i do, to lose this bug? Its realy frustrating.


i have make an Youtube video how can seen this bug on 19 Secs.

Sry for my bad englisch iam from german

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Poweramp doesn't have any code to change sampling rate without full track stop-start cycle - your certainly didn't have that.

I would suspect viper4android - I suggest temporarily disabling it.
Both of those devices are in my test lab (though, Note8 is on Oreo and both are non-rooted OTA ROMs) and they never shown behaviors like that, of course.

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Have synonymous MP3, MP4 and Flac so audio files on the phone, only some AAC I have loaded from Youtube, have the problem.
No, all buffer settings did not work.
That with the picture was a stupid time, I typed on the screen to prevent the standby.
As I said that I already had at the former alpha version, the V2 release version from the Play Store, however, runs without problems. I look again if I get my other note 4 finished, there is still the V2 on it. So you would have a good comparison




Hmm for the moment it seems to be running. I did Settings> Audio> Output> Restore Defaults.
Can the error come from the fact that I am updated from the V2 directly to the Alpha via Play Store?


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