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Screenlock appears again

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Hello everyone,

I have an Honor 8 (FRD-L09 model) with EMUI 5.0.1 (android 7.0, the official ROM of my smartphone)
My Poweramp version is 2.0.10-build-588-play
I always used the Poweramp's screenlock  because it is nice and useful.
However, I experienced some issues with Poweramp since many months.

I have 2 scenarios when I press the button to power on my screen :

  • 1st scenario : The android widget player appears first, I unlock my phone, I use it, and after 10/15 sec after, the Poweramp's screenlock appears again (so I have to unlock it again)
  • 2nd scenario : It's the Poweramp ' screenlock which appears first, but after unlock and usage, it reappears again (same issue as above, but)

You guess, I want that it work as before, that's means when I use Poweramp screenlock, I can use my phone without a 2nd screenlock

Note that I have clear my cache, reset my preferences and reinstall Poweramp in order to see if the problem still the same.

Do you have a solution for this please ?

Thank you


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Sounds like your device's lockscreen and PA's don't play well together. Turning one or the other off might help, but not what you really want to hear. Given that there will be no further development on PA v2 it might be worth you while trying the v3 test build 709 and see if that works any better for you?


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