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Missing songs - library clean up


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I was not able to find this feature, thereffore I open this new topic.

I recently rearranged my folders structure on my SD card and the old songs are still being listed in Poweramp's song lists. Although Poweramp detects that the songs are missing and moves on to next available one, Poweramp does not currently offer an option to auto-clean the not found songs.

Thank you in advance Max!

Shalom :D

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No, I actually had the SD Card removed and edit on my pc.... I have two SD Cards and sometimes I edit one on the pc while I use the other....

I did the rescan but the missing songs remain on the list....

Thanks Max.

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I am still having the issue... like I said, I edited the folder on my pc, then reloaded on the phone.... I've rescanned the folders on Poweramp but that did not help...

Thanks for you attention on this.


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