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Some realistic demands

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Please add the following features:

1. Instantly download and play any music in the world. Free. Without internet connection.

2. An ability to create real-time music corresponding to the owner's mood.

3. Add an ability to control the player by thought, and playing the music directly into owner's mind using telepathy protocol.

4. Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars.

5. Make America great again.

6. No, literally, add the ability for a player to transform the owner's smartphone into a space shuttle and fly to whichever planet he desires. Including Moon. Then transform back into smartphone. If owner desires.

7. Let's get this)

7,5. Complete the Einstein's Formula of Everything.

8. Why haven't you done all this already?

10. Kill yourself.

11. No, don't kill yourself. Please.

12. There is no 9.

13 is not an unlucky number, it's simply another number.

14. Return the five-stars rating system.

15. ???


These are essential features, that need to be added. They are not extremely specific, everyone needs them, trust me. I hope update will be ready tomorrow morning and it will not be heavier than 3,72 megabytes.

P.s. And the ability to stop all wars in the world. This is the priority.

P.p.s And build Alcubierre's Warp Drive.


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