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Poweramp alpha build-709

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12 minutes ago, snakefist said:

Which V3 build got the most features as of right now. Since i bought it from google play will i be able to use these test builds with the google play version of Poweramp unlocker?

The 70x builds are more complete in terms of features.  They're the alpha builds for 3.0 and lack the new UI.  That new UI is part of 790 which is a preview of the forthcoming beta for 3.0.  The 790 build lacks a number of features still, so it's not as suitable for daily use (IMO).

All of these builds can be installed if you bought the unlocker from the play store.  If you plan to use the 708 build, you can likely just wait until the play store updates it.  It sounds like that's been uploaded by @maxmp already, so it's just waiting on whatever Google does before it's available in the play store.

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2 hours ago, maxmp said:



Hi~  my phone

Snapdragon 821 Android 6.0  + usb dac

704  Hi-Res output: Audio info Volume Control ---- Float32 DVC

705/706  Hi-Res output: Audio info  Volume Control --- DVC,Volume Provider


 Float32 DVC louder  than DVC,Volume Provider  。

Which one is better?   

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hi  @maxmp ! 

my only issue with Poweramp is the simple last fm scrobbler thing... the problem is, Poweramp makes a bunch of cloned scrobbles of songs i didnt listened to !

i think is an issue with PA V3, because my other phone has v2 and works well, but with v3 it doesn't...

and.... i'm receiving double emails notifications on the forums lol idk where to post this, probably here ins't the right place hm

oh well, i hope you take care and keep working on PA ! thanks for listening :D

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Lenovo vibe X3's TURBO hi-fi mode is not working in this new build. I don see the Lenovo vibe x3 name too under audio settings. This is sad guys as the app was working great with Lenovo vibe x3. Pls fix it as power amp is the only audio player we trust. Thank you.


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I was surprised by a notification to update Poweramp....

No way the new V3 was ready yet...i thought.

It isn't....of course...

Update to the previous "Alpha" build that I have had for 2 yrs...WOW!  What a surprise! :D

Fixed the notification issue..and added OpenSL ES HD. (for USB DAC and BT)

Working excellent on my Pixel XL!



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Hello Max,

Any chance to have a uni version published? I mean build 708.

I need it for my car, as it doesn't have google services installed and I specially made a second purchase via the web site for my car. Build 705 doesn't accept the built-in Yandex account or Yahoo email account (I installed Yahoo mail and asked your support to change my order account to Yahoo). That didn't work.

Build 706 doesn't even start (as it doesn't support Android 4.4).

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10 minutes ago, Jason Adkins said:

How do u instill 707/708

Download it from the first post in this thread, copy the resulting file to somewhere on your phone, and run the .apk file from a file explorer.


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