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Poweramp alpha build-709

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2 hours ago, Vs781 said:

sir plzz provide me link of best sound experince player version.

As Max and I said, just install the current version - either from the Play Store if you bought your licence from there, or download the latest version from the Downloads tab on the website here. Requires Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.


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53 minutes ago, Vs781 said:

but sir 840 is not loud as 709 biuld!

Volume != Quality.

Try resetting the Output methods back to default in case anything carried over from 709 (in Settings > Audio > Output) and then experiment with turning DVC on or off  or other tweaks for your chosen output method. There are other gain settings too, but I would caution against any settings which overly reduce the processing headroom that PA normally allows to provide space for EQ gain, etc.  But as I said, volume is not the same as quality, and just because a setting goes up to '11' doesn't mean it should be set that way.


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