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Equalizer setting problem


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Hi devloper I really love your Poweramp v3 beta-test build790 unfortunately with one problem I am not satisfy...

My real problem is I have save all my settings and equalizer configuration from Poweramp v2 and I have restore that settings in this version Poweramp v3 beta testing it work fine but when I again change my equalizer to default(flat) or rock it will work for few minutes.. And I go to my home menu again go to Poweramp interface from either notification or from direct app and go to equalizer then it will automatically  revert back to the previous equalizer configuration that I have restored from v2 Poweramp....


That is my problem can you help me please.. It really annoying because sometime I need to play with different equalizer in  different speaker so it won't allow me to play with different equalizer like rock,flat,classic etc..

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