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Oneplus 5/T working well on 705


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11 hours ago, maxmp said:


This build includes re-worked Output plugins. Those now share code with Poweramp Beta:

  • updated Direct Hi-Res Experimental Output. Now with support for various Android 7/8 devices
  • added Direct Hi-Res new Direct HD variant. Includes support for LDAC/UHQ BT (up to 96khz)
  • added support for 88.2/176.4/352.8/384khz sample rates (where supported and properly reported by the device)
  • Poweramp now tries to get and show actual device sample rate (except for Samsungs). Some outputs (e.g. USB DAC, LDAC BT) force specific sample rate, despite shown by Poweramp. E.g. Android will accept and report 96khz for BT with AAC codec, resampling audio in the process back to 44.1khz
  • updated and added OpenSL HD output from Poweramp beta-preview (enabled for Android 8+). Includes support for LDAC/UHQ BT (up to 96khz)


  • backported Notifications from Poweramp beta-preview, also updated/polished them for Huaweis, Meizus, Vivos, and some other devices with non-standard notifications
  • backported dithering. Fixes a few cases when dithering is not properly applied


NOTE: for Android 8, Direct Hi-Res is supported on Snapdragon SOCs (e.g. hi-res enabled Asus, Nokia, LG, HTC devices)
NOTE: Direct Hi-Res does not support DVC for Samsungs @ Android 7 (but Hi-Res + DVC is supported by OpenSL HD for Android 8+, or for Samsungs @ Android 5/6)
NOTE: for "absolute volume" BT devices, DVC is not generally supported. You may try to disable "absolute volume" in Android Development settings in this case
NOTE: due to the audio output changes, all output settings are set to default

Oneplus 5/T users!

Go-getting this build and just try it out!

It works!

I'm running my 5T on STOCK OREO and use the AINUR AUDIO sound mod here (You should try it out. It's not a software sound effect but a mod on sound output process.  Also it has sound effects). 

Go to DISABLE the DVC manually (It says that the DVC is always enabled but before I turned off DVC the playback skips like bullshit.) 

Then turn on the Hi-res Output. Select the 88kHz sample rate.

Now you get none-glitch sound with 44ms latency!! I never see it getting so low. As the latency is so low the sound becomes very nice.

BTW I had try out other sample rates but the latency is all higher I dunno why (Maybe someone can explain?)


I don't know whether other devices need further configurations or not. But it should work once you get it right.


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Thanks, Max for this build.

The notification is working well and the lock screen blur is gone.

Although I like the blur but without it is ok.

I'm a Chinese college student and my English is not that good. Forgive me, please;)


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