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Can't get my activation working via yahoo


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I just purchased a license but I can't activate it.

Since I don't have Google Play Services on my device, I used the email route forcing to use a yahoo one then.

I had to add that yahoo account to my phone, but when I want to activate my license, the email isn't recognised.

What should I do please?


Thanks in advance!

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Merci for your help, unfortunately it didn't help.

I just uninstalled the version I had, reinstalled the one from the site, and now it ask me to install yandex store. Should I?


I'll send a mail as you suggested. Thanks you.

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42 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Sadly no, I have no access to those systems or that email account (the dev and support are in Russia, I live in the UK).


Merci for your help anyway.

I had a answer today asking me if I want to change my mail account.

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