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790 2 bugs released!!!

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我的设备是htc u11,目前升级到安卓8.0系统!前几天安装了790测试版,使用了几天,现在反馈两个问题。



问题3:htc u11使用的高通晓龙835是具备hi-res的,但是在790上无法正确识别!



Hi!I am a user from mainland China!
First of all, thanks very much to the author for producing such excellent software and it is exclusive to Android! Thank you so much! After waiting for these years, we are finally welcoming such a big update. Thanks to the author and the team for their efforts!
My device is htc u11, currently upgraded to Android 8.0 system! The 790 beta was installed a few days ago and used for a few days. Now I'll give you two bugs.
BUG 1: Using a Bluetooth device, you cannot resume playback after connecting! I have tested it several times. The same device and system, 703/704 version can be, so it should not be a system problem.
BUG 2: After each pause, the songs being played by the playlist are reset to the first position instead of the positions that should be arranged before the pause.

Thank you! Hope to fix it.

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